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Our Products

Unigigster makes outsourcing micro-tasks easy for business owners. Businesses support capacity building of young university students.

Unigigster offers business owners the ability to execute micro-tasks under four major categories.

  • Diligence servies
  • Audits and Verification Services
  • Business Development services
  • Data services

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Saverr is an innovative loyalty platform using card linking technology.

You shop using your Visa/ Master bank card. We track and credit your loyalty points automatically.

Saverr is a tiered loyalty platform focused on supporting businesses with features such as white labelled rollout, customer relationship management and advance revenue management.

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Footprints is a suite of asset monitoring, track & trace and management solutions. The solutions work collaboratively with businesses to digitally assess, assure and manage assets in an organization.

Footprints can streamline logistics network, digitize facility management and meet HSE compliance obligations, organize warehouses and automate check-in-check-out processes.

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